As it is very difficult for me to choose pictures i like best, i try to show series i am somehow proud of. one of my favourite topics is panoramas. this is in no particular order, it is the category panoramic of my mediablog.

In chronological order

Australia Thumb my first big journey brought me to australia from October 2001 till june 2002. i camped almost every night under the stars and traveled from Sydney to Perth via the red center and Darwin. beauty of a country!

so in february 2004 i took pictures in duisburg - landschaftspark nord, a fantastic place to shoot at with a tripod. i was lucky with the weather, as it was a bit foggy, so the light beams really show some of their power.

in april 2004 i went to northern thailand. the special thing for me there was the not blue but reddish brown sky, something i have never seen before.

in december 2004 i shot a few pictures close to sigmaringen in southern germany, winter in the woods. i tried to capture the silence and quietness there after a few days of heavy snowing.

the newest ones i shot in march 2005: chinese faces. travelling in southern china and with a new dslr i for the first time tried to shoot frames of people and these ones are my favourite ones [Down at the Moment!].

Another multimedia slideshow (including a 3 minute field recording) i am quite proud of is guangzhou fishmarket. I think the athmosphere can be felt quite good if you listen to it with headphones.

also from my trip to china are some pix from the New Towns of Hong Kong. The massiveness and sheer size of the residential buildings is almost unbelievable.

081.jpg somewhen in september 05 i went for a walk together with a good friend to see the Steinernes Meer in the beautiful bavarian alps. a few images came out pretty good i think.

081.jpg in the wintersemester holidays i once again visited southeast-asia. this time i enjoyed Vietnam at Night. great places they really were!

mostly shot on the same trip to asia, the series häuser features small houses from central Vietnam and southern China.

Noteworthy Blogentries

Somehow i like Cambodia and the LRZ post a lot.


recently i was able to show a few of my photos on a small exhibition in munich. It shows 5 landscapes from namibia and 5 portraits of china.

besides that ..

if you like these, you may find some more nice pictures in my foto archive - foto-fish.de.

i always like to get feedback, no matter if you tell me you love one or hate another for this or some other reason. thx!